Furniture for Your Kitchen: Yankees Star Alex Rodriguez’s Choice

For so many homes a kitchen is a central place in the whole house. Without realizing it, we spend most our time at home exactly in the kitchen. Here we cook, eat, communicate with a family, work on our computers, and receive the guests. An ideal kitchen is considered to be the one with a functional design and a great space. Kitchen furniture plays an important role as a part of decor, functionality, and mobility.

In this article we’re going to find out how to achieve this goal by the example of the kitchen we’ve made exclusively for Yankee star Alex Rodriguez’s Miami Home.

Kitchen Cabinets

  • Kitchen Cabinets

One of the smartest decisions when decorating a kitchen is investing into quality kitchen cabinets. Alex Rodriguez has found a very interesting solution to this issue. He wanted to save a lot of free space and to have a lot of places to store at the same time. As a result, he created one common style for every big piece of furniture, including appliances. The sportsman’s kitchen consists only of several kitchen cabinets, which are big enough to store all cooking essentials. To maximize the storage ability of the kitchen cabinets, choose those with soft close slides and hinges and touch latch cabinetry system. These features help to open and close your cabinets smoothly and silently while looking sleek and saving a lot of space.

Kitchen Islands

  • Kitchen Islands

The way Alex Rodriguez’s kitchen works is it is big enough to get more than just 5 or 6 people there. His kitchen is a bright example of the space where family events can be held and precious guests can be invited. His kitchen island definitely takes the biggest part of the space. It is a separate place and a part of the cooking space at the same time. A very simple palette in the whole interior adds chic and elegance. This concerns the kitchen islands too. Everything is in black and brown. For more storage capacity, choose kitchen islands with front closed cabinets rather than open ones.

The Right Bar Stools

  • The Right Bar Stools

It sounds strange but the most difficulties people have when decorating a kitchen are with the bar stools. There are hundreds of bar stool styles which can confuse even a professional. Here you have to remember one important rule. Choose bar stools with a counter height if you’re going to use them at a kitchen island. A bar stool should perfectly fit the height of a kitchen island.